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  • * What do you see as the greatest benefits of the new Web 2.0 technologies? How have you used technology to transform your teaching? I think the biggest benefit of 2.0 technologies is the ability for people to respond to each other on one document. I have dabbled just a little with googledocs. I had my English students write most of their writing pieces on googledocs. Grace, I was impressed to hear you say that you have already used Google Docs as a collaborative tool with your students' writing. I am reticent to give up my old style of paper, pen, and marginal notes as the medium for peer review. Kirsten
  • On the flip side, what do see as the greatest pitfalls of the new media? What might educators do to mitigate some of these problems? I see two big pitfalls. First the incomprehensible quantity of information that is available on the internet, good and bad, seems impossible to sort out and sift through. Who has time to read all of this and decide whether it is of any use? Secondly there is some danger in putting our students' identities, and our own identities, out where the whole world has access to personal information. I hope that educators will be able to learn to use filters and tools to narrow down the stream of information. I think we need to teach students how to narrow the field and validate information sources. In schools we can use naming protocols to protect student identities, but I think we also need to teach students to take more precautions in their personal internet use. Grace, I agree entirely with your two concerns about the Web 2.0. Another concern that I have is that I often think that these students do not need more screen time social networking. So many of them need time socializing with adults, learning how to have meaningful discourse, learning how to contribute orally and not in written form. So many families no longer have dinner together and there is so much socialization that needs to happen - time unwired, noticing the world beyond the screen, however small.
      • What do you think educators most need to know to navigate the new digital landscape? What technological skills are necessary? How can teachers build the skills and knowledge they need? I think many teachers need courses like this one to teach us the tools needed to navigate and create in new technologies. Some teachers have an aptitude for learning new computer technology on their own. Teachers need to be supported by their administrators and districts by being provided with current computers, software, and trai .ning. We can also learn a great deal from our students, or learn with our students. As my students and I wrote and collaborated on googledocs, different people in the class solved different problems that we encountered and together we figured out many features that were useful.
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