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I teach second grade in Freeport, Maine.
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What do you see as the greatest benefits of the new Web 2.0 technologies?
I see one of the greatest benefits of web2.0 technologies as convenience! Consumers don't have to work HALF as hard today to get the same information as we did a few years ago. That said, the information we used to be able to access years ago is a fraction of what we are able to access today. (And today's information will likely be a fraction of what we can attain in the future!) It is mind-boggling to me how quickly technology is evolving! Convenience.....yes! Easy to access what you need or want and now to have

a steady stream of the information you subscribe to come right to your computer! Amazing!

How have you used technology to transform your teaching?
I've used technology in a variety of ways to help transform my teaching. I use online tutorials to self-educate around technological tools. I introduce websites for my students related to classroom themes whenever possible. I use digital cameras to document important events like field trips, etc., making books for students to read, and posting pictures to increase family communication. I post my classroom newsletter on the class webpage, with archives throughout the year. I've also incorporated online project-based learning experiences (like Journey North) as well. These are some of the ways that I model for my students digital citizenship.

On the flip side, what do see as the greatest pitfalls of the new media?
I believe that one of the greatest pitfalls of new media is that, because there IS so much out there, evolving so quickly, it is difficult to
stay current! Perhaps impossible! This is a tough part, though.

What might educators do to mitigate some of these problems?
Professional learning communities are SO important in keeping educators connected and on top of evolving technology. These might be within one's building, or perhaps via an online community. The old adage of there being "safety in numbers" I think really applies here!

What do you think educators most need to know to navigate the new digital landscape? What technological skills are necessary?

Given that there is so much self-educative material available on the Internet, if teachers DON'T have comfortable working knowledge with various technologies, they can certainly find the resources (given a little time and not-so-hard work). It would be helpful if teachers have a basic understanding of e-mail, blogs, wikis, and podcasting/vodcasting. But there are so many resources available now- I believe they mostly need the initiative to investigate!
I agree that teachers need to have the basic technologies in order to go forward into using digital tools. The problem is that some teachers do not want to change their teaching practices.

How can teachers build the skills and knowledge they need?
Teachers have LOTS of opportunities to further their technological knowledge through online sources, listservs, tutorials and podcasts. Also, professional coursework and conferences such as the annual ACTEM conference.

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