Social Bookmarking in Plain English

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What is

  • Lets you save bookmarks that can be used on multiple machines
  • Share websites with students and peers
  • Publish saved links by categories
  • Tag your bookmarks
  • Learn about new websites from other users
  • Subscribe to other users' bookmarks
  • Think about this for research! You can subscribe to your students' bookmarks.
  • Create unique class tags

What are Tags?
Sharing bookmarks
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Classroom Use

  • Create a list of student-safe links that your students can use for a specific research project.
  • Teachers can share links with their students and other teachers.
  • Families can create and share bookmarks to plan trips or to save all the websites that they use to pay bills.
  • Students can share their favorite websites and this saves valuable time when doing a unit, collaborative projects, term papers, etc., retrieve them from any computer and easily site them.
  • Lesson Plan for first timers