• What do you see as the greatest benefits of the new Web 2.0 technologies? How have you used technology to transform your teaching? I see the wide collaboration as the greatest benefit. I have only used programs such as MARVEL and Nettrekker with classes for research. Our district also has Nettrekker, but I do not know anything about it. We do not have enough time to learn or explore these wonderful resousres. How do you use these with your second graders?(Kim)
  • On the flip side, what do see as the greatest pitfalls of the new media? What might educators do to mitigate some of these problems? The greatest pitfalls are :safety and privacy issues, all schools being able to participate equally and the necessary technology ( fiber optics etc.)
  • What do you think educators most need to know to navigate the new digital landscape? What technological skills are necessary? How can teachers build the skills and knowledge they need? Educators need the support of their administrators, parents and school boards. They need to have the newest hardware (in their classes) that will support all the digital tools. The basic computer skills are needed in order to learn the digital tools. Teachers can build their skills by working in their teams and professional development days centered around the web 2.0, I agree we need more PD in the area of technology.(Kim)
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Final Project